Stroke is Preventable !Beatable !Treatable !

Our physiotherapist team is educating and treating a stroke patient which affect the movement,coordination and speech. Stroke is #Preventable !#Beatable !#Treatable ! Alpro Physio Team not only providing their professional treatments but also give mentally support accompany with family members so that our physiotherapist can explain more to the carer about the condition and how is the progression going on. 【H.O.P.E】Hold On, Pain Ends #ALPROPHYSIOTEAM #GIVETHEMBACKTHEIRLIFE #GETBETTER.#STAYBETTER

不要害羞:通过物理治疗来帮助尿失禁Don't be shy: Treat Urinary Incontinence through Physical Therapy

Don't be shy: Treat Urinary Incontinence through Physical Therapy An estimated 1.2 million Malaysians suffered from some form of inconti nence or inability to control any involuntary loss of urine. If you count yourself in that number, you may not be comfortable admitting it or discussing it, even with your health care provider. Urinary incontinence (UI) also known as "loss of bladder control" or "urinary leakage." UI happen when urine leaks out before you can get to a bathroom. Some women may lose a few drops of urine when they cough or laugh. Others may feel a sudden urge to urinate and cannot control it. Many assume that frequent bladder leakage or lack of control is simply something th


配合即将来临的三月八日国际妇女节,为了加强社会女性朋友对于自身的健康意识,由大专药剂主办,Menarini药物生产公司为联办单位及主要赞助商,将订于2018年3月10日(星期六),早上8:30am至下午2:30pm,在芙蓉Bandar Sri Sendayan 的 d’Tempat Country Club 宴会厅举办2018年《今天,“女”做王》健康营。 此健康营除了将邀请三位专科医生及营养师现场主讲有关骨骼疏松症、更年期及女性私密保养的健康课题以外,现场亦提供营员体验免费的健康检验如骨骼健康测验、皮肤健康测试、头皮健康检验、微血管循环测试及物理治疗师咨询服务,让出席的营员了解自身的健康状况。 同时,其他精彩活动内容包括: * Jazzercise 活力健康“动一动” * 环保包包“涂涂画画”创意比赛 * 饮食治疗师 の 健康甜点 (现场示范与试吃) 大会只收取100位年龄21岁及以上的女性朋友参与,截止日期为2月28日或额满为止(先到先得)。 除了所有参与的营员能享受与体验半天精彩的健康活动、包茶点及午餐以外,还能获得价值超过RM200.00的健康礼品及折扣礼券哦! 健康无价,趁早了解自己的健康状况,为自己的健康加满分! 期待与大家见面哦! 欲了解更多活动详情或网上报名,欢迎浏览网站

Alpro physio community services at Rahang area (Weng Da Old Folk’s Home)

Alpro physio had visited Weng Da Old Folk’s Home for our weekly community service routine. Weng Da Old Folk’s Home was established by Miss Liew (Manager) since 2001. There are 40 residents over the home and 18 of them are actually homeless. According to the manager, they are aware of the physiotherapy service needs, yet they cannot afford to provide the service to the elderlies due to inadequate funds. They were glad that, Alpro physio provided them the services they need. As usual, our physiotherapist had given a simple talk regarding “The importance of exercise among elderlies” and conducted some simple exercises for them to perform it as daily regime to enhance their quality of life. We a

腹直肌分离 Diastasis Recti - WHAT is it and HOW to check it?

What is Post-Pregnancy Diastasis Recti? At the third trimester of your pregnancy, the growing uterus will push your abdominal muscles and separating them, this is known as “Diastasis recti”. When the abdominal muscles move aside like this, the uterus, bowels, and other organs have only a thin band of connective tissue in front to hold them in place. Without the needed muscle support, a vaginal delivery could be more difficult. The condition also can cause lower back pain, constipation, and urine leaking. It can even make it harder to breathe and to move normally. It's rare, but in extreme cases, the tissue may tear, and organs may poke out of the opening -- that’s called a hernia. How to sel

Pain Matters - Alpro Physio comes to you in Kuantan

We are pleased to announce that our next launch of Alpro Physio Centre will be in Kuantan, the largest city in the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia! Alpro Physiotherapy Centre is a private healthcare centre in Seremban 2. Established in year 2017 by Alpro Group to provide professionals physiotherapy, talks, workshops and corporate workplace health consultancy services. We offer physiotherapy services for musculoskeletal injury, sports injury and stroke rehabilitation. We provide advanced hands-on skills, electro modalities and utilize wide range of rehabilitation services to ensure the best management of our patient's recovery. Get ready for Johor Bahru too! Stay tuned. Get Better, Stay Bet

Beauty is Pain: Effects of Wearing High Heels

Every girl has heard the term “beauty is pain”. One of the most damaging things that you can do to your body is wearing high heeled shoes. One of the worst things that your high heeled pumps can do to your body is to ruin your posture. When you wear high heels, the curvature of the shoes places your heels unnaturally above your toes and throws off your entire body alignment. Your hips, your spine, your neck and shoulders are all being moved unnaturally and over long wear, can cause low back pain as well as leg and heel pain. The higher the heel, the more strain and pressure that you are putting on the balls of your feet. The pressure increases about 20% with every inch that the heel increase

An idea when to use hot or cold therapy 冷敷和热敷的使用法则

When you’re in pain, you’re more likely to miss out on those big and little moments that make life amazing. It’s important that you recover as quickly as possible to get back to your active lifestyle. Both heat and ice work to relieve pain, but only when used at the appropriate time. Once inflammation has been reduced by cold therapy, heat can be used to relieve stiffness, and facilitate comfortable muscle movements. For best result, seek the help of a trusted healthcare professional immediately after an injury occurs. 当你疼痛的时候,你很有可能错过那些美好的大小事物。尽快恢复和回到积极的生活方式是非常重要的。冷热敷都可以减轻疼痛,但应该使用得当。一旦通过冷敷减轻发炎症状,便可使用热敷来缓解关节僵硬,并促进舒适的肌肉运动。 为了达到最佳效果,请在受伤发生后立即寻求医疗保健专业人员的帮助。

A Day at The True House of Victory

Today, our Alpro Physiotherapy team (Eugene and Hui Ling) had visited True House of Victory as our third community service. As usual, our physiotherapist’s had given a simple talk regarding “The importance of exercise among elderlies” and conducted some simple exercises for them to perform it as daily regime to enhance their quality of life. True House of Victory is an old folk’s home established by Mr. Philip Mok Sew Kwong on March 2014. Currently, there are about 19 residents in the old folk’s home. And most of them are able to perform their daily activities but lack of functional performance. After visited few old folks home around Seremban, we actually realized that the demand of physiot