Grand Opening of our 2nd Alpro Physio.

We feel proud to announce that our 2nd physio center is now open at Kuantan. It was a day filled with fun and laughter. Thank you all for you love and support. We are ready to engage with and serve Kuantan community. Here is some of the snaps of grand opening.


大专物理治疗 (关丹分行)新张营业开幕典礼就在明天。我们的物理治疗师已经准备好为大家服务。 欢迎大家出席, 我们明天见! 日期 : 31/3/ 2018 (星期六) 时间: 10.00am 地点: B24 (Ground), Lorong Pasar Baru 4, Jalan Tun Ismail, 25000 Kuantan, Pahang (关丹大巴刹傍边)

Kuantan Community Service part 3

Alpro Physio Kuantan team once again has been conduct two community services at Pusat Jagaan Rumah Orang Tua Gabungan Tionghua, Kuantan and Mega Melodies Nursing Home, Kuantan. Physiotherapists has been conduct the group exercises with some simple exercises including stretching, mobility and also simple Tai chi. They all really had fun together and enjoy every exercises that we conducted. We end up our sessions with some photo and smile. Self-education was taught in order to gain stronger muscle, improved posture and good blood circulation. Thus, our goal is actually to educate elderly people on importance of exercise in daily activities. Besides that building healthy bond among them is also

H.O.P.E Hold On Pain Ends to Elderly

H.O.P.E Hold On Pain Ends to Elderly ALPRO PHYSIO once again conducted another community service by our Physiotherapists Eugene and Shafiqah to Red Spot Home Care, Bukit Rasah Seremban . This elderly home was established by Mr Abd Rahman since 2015. Currently there are 7residents, 6 females and 1 male. This home has taken care of over 44 elderlies since it was established. So far, there are no Physiotherapy services provided to the residents. However, the staff nurses who are working there will do some simple exercises with the residents. Most of the residents are retiree, elderly, stroke individuals and some even with congenital deficit. As usual we started the program by gathering them a


"Hands That Help Are Holier Than Lips That Pray" & "Service To Mankind Is Service To God". Another community service by our ALPRO PHYSIO SEREMBAN 2 Physiotherapist Malar and Eelin to Madam Yap Nursing Home at Starlight Park Seremban. This home was established by Madam Yap since year 2011. Currently there are 34 residents and most of them are females. There will be a visit by Government Hospital Doctor monthly to this home and a private Doctor will give a visit 2 times a week. So far there are no any Physiotherapy services to this home, only the staff will be doing some morning exercises with the residents. Most of the residents are retiree, elderly, stroke cases and even Motor Vehicle Accid


Stroke is TREATABLE! Stroke is not scary and beatable! There is LIFE after Stroke. Alpro Physio Centre is giving away 50% treatment complimentary voucher for first 5 NEW patients daily which valid until 15th April 2018. T&C Apply. Give yourself a chance for a Better Life.👍

A morning spent in Pusat Jagaan Warga Emas Tong Sim Seremban

On 5/3/18, Alpro physio has organized a visit to Pusat Jagaan Warga Emas Tong Sim Seremban. The nursing home was established in 2006 and has been operating for 11 years, with a total of 9 permanent residents currently. The operation of the nursing home is fully covered by the management and donations from the enthusiasts. The residents are very united and they team up to prepare meals for everyone. It was very heartwarming to see an uncle despite suffering from stroke, still took up the role to cook lunch for everyone. Our physiotherapists gathered the residents and conducted a group exercise to maintain their joint mobility and muscle function. They also designed some simple games to get ev


Baby Jayden is only 2 years old and was recently diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma cancer. Although baby Jayden might not know us but we Alpro Physio Team would like to help him with treatment costs so that he will win this battle with all of our help and mentally support through the social media to appealing your generosity and kindness to give baby Jayden a fighting chance to combat this cancer. Treatment cost for chemotherapy, surgery, stem cell megatherapy and radiation therapy will cost around SGD400,000 while follow-up immunotherapy which has to be carried out in United States due to expertise and experience and availability of the drugs will increase the total cost to about SGD1,


Once again Alpro Physio Team has conducted community service by visiting to Pusat Jagaan Warga Emas dan Terapi Fitrah, at Seremban 3. Pusat Jagaan Warga Emas dan Terapi Fitrah started their operation since 6 January 2015 by Mr Azrin bin Shala (Manager) occupied by 8 residents in nursing home. According to the manager, they are aware of the needs of physiotherapy services and were glad that, Alpro Physio provided them the services they need by conducting some simple exercises for them as daily regime. In the meantime, we met one Malay woman and one Malay man who suffered from stroke. They desperately need physiotherapy treatment to optimize their quality of life. Our physiotherapist had asses