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Alpro Physio Kuantan is proud to be able to organise health talk about “ POSTURE AMONG STUDENT” at SK Saint Thomas on 23rd May 2018. Our Physiotherapists A.K.A speakers, Mr Eugene, Ms Shafiqah and Ms Farhana gave the talk to roughly 200 attended students and teachers and this is our first experience to give a talk to so many listener. This topic was chosen because children nowadays are having posture problem and most likely due to carrying overloaded school bag. However, many did not know the importance of posture and the awareness was leave aside. A school bag which weight more than 10% to 15% or even 20% of one’s body weight will affect their walking posture. While carrying such heavy bag,


Caring of our seniors is perhaps one of the greatest responsibility we have.Those who walked before us have given so much and made possible the life we all enjoy. However, they will eventually require health care and assistance for a better quality of life, especially as aging goes on. Geriatric patients will have multiple complains due to the degeneration of the body. Most of them will also have underlying conditions that might contribute to the worsening of pain, increasing risk of fall and reducing in mobility. The purpose of physiotherapy on geriatric patients is to make them more independent and confident thus improving their sense of well being. Never make them to feel that they are

Caring towards elderly is essential

Alpro Physio have visited MY SWEET NURSING HOME which is located at Taman Kempadang Makmur, Kuantan. This nursing home is founded and managed by Madam AZIZAH who is also a nurse. Currently,there are 7 residents and multiple races were staying together happily. They were so happy about our visiting and warm welcome was given. We started with ice breaker activity to know each other more and proceeded with group exercises after explained the essential of maintaining healthy lifestyle. Individual physiotherapy management were given to those disability and bedridden elderly. During the individual session, one of the uncle with gout unable to control his emotion and started to cried. Our physiothe

Do not ignore your back pain, it may harm your life style!!!

Do you experience back pain or ever heard of Prolapse inter- vertebral disc (PID)? PID or in another term which is herniated disc is one of the most common condition caused low back pain with referred pain and numbness on the limb. Usually prolapse disc does not become noticeable until the symptoms occurs. Very often we can see people with repetitive improper movement, heavy lifting or prolong sitting in the office are the victims for this condition. This happened when improper movement of spine which put stress on the disc. Eventually the gel-like inner nucleus is protruded out or seeps through a weakened region of outer disc and press against the nerve root. When the disc is protruded, sym