On 26th of June 2018, Alpro Physio visited to Pusat Jagaan Warga Emas Maysim at Jalan Rasah. There are about 20 residents over the nursing care home. Our physiotherapist Malar and Ee Wai have conducted some simple exercises that able to do in sitting position. The exercises able to help the elderly to stay better and stay strong. After simple exercise, we focus on the bed ridden elderly that require special attention and taught them some simple exercise that able to do on the bed. Friendly residents and peaceful environment boost up our energy this morning.

Another Community Service checked! 😎

This round Physiotherapist Sara and Delvon visited Pusat Penjagaan Parameswary Seremban. The home accommodates 40 residents with the youngest aging 22. A usual program of group exercise and selective individual treatments were performed. We are thankful to be given the opportunity to serve the people with our expertise and to raise the awareness on the importance of exercising and staying active, particularly as aging kicks in. It was a give and take session among the therapists and the residents, especially through conversations and laughter. 'The key to all of life is understanding how to add value to others.' #alprophysio #GETBETTERSTAYBETTER

Treasure our elders, put them in our hearts.

On 1st of June, we had visited to Pusat Jagaan Sejahtera Orang Tua Sikamat. In this old folk’s home, there are 17 residents and most of the residents are able to walk and independent. The funds are mainly from the public donation and monthly subsidy by the government. While considering balance issue, the group exercise were conducted both in sitting and standing by physiotherapist Ee Lin and Ee Wai. We also had a brief visit around the old folk’s home where our lovely residents do some gardening of fruits and vegetables on their own. It is just nice to spend some time for those who needed our help and attention. A lovely and good experience from this old folk’s home.