We were glad to organize health talk about proper way of using school bag at MATRIX GLOBAL SCHOOL, Sendayan. There were 200 attendees from Year 1 to Year 6 students. Our speaker Malarvely, Sara and Tan Chen Fung explained and demonstrated proper ways to carry school bag. Many did not know posture actually involves variety of body parts to stabilize our whole body. From this talk we were able to create awareness and knowledge about posture among student. We wrap up the program with some exercise to maintain the spine mobility and a group dance. We hope after understanding the proper posture, rate of neck or back pain among student and teacher will be a good guidance for future carriers. #Alpr


Spine is main axial support of our trunk. Prefect posture can lead to optimum trunk control. In conjunction with World Spine Day, ALPRO PHYSIO is organizing a FREE POSTURE SCREENING service for the public to improve awareness of the importance of posture among us. Truly appreciate the supports from SEREMBAN and KUANTAN community to make our event happening. Hope all participants knows well about their posture and spine. Terima Kasih Xie Xie Ni Nandri.

Pain Wise Training by Ph. Joyce (Australia)

Alpro physio center has completed our first in-house training on pain management. Last week, we were proud to have Ph. Joyce, the founder of Pain Wise programme at Gold Coast,Australia to share her knowledge and experience in pain management. It was an inspiring training to explore us to new concept to treat chronic pain. Our team will definitely apply the knowledge into our daily practice. Our physio team will continue to improve ourselves to provide better treatment and service to our patients. #PainDoesn'tAlwaysMeansHarm #HoldsOnPainEnds 大专物理治疗中心很荣幸邀请到药剂师JOYCE来为我们们讲解关于疼痛的知识和分享她的临床经验。 这一次的特训让我们对于疼痛有了更深入的认知,这对我们治疗病人时会有莫大的帮助。 为了提供病人们最好的治疗和服务,我们的团队将会不断的自我增值。 #疼痛并不一定代表的伤害 #HoldsOnPainEnds