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We Serve Because We Care

We Alpro Physio, Kuantan had visited Pusat Jagaan Orang Tua ( Alor Akar Care Centre ) for the second time. Our arrival was welcomed with open and happy heart. There were around 40 people staying there and well managed by Madam Ah Moi. We began with simple warm up exercise. They were very interested and keen in performing exercise we had demonstrated to them. Most of their level energy was remarkable and they manage to maintain it throughout the session. They eventually taught us being strong is not only based on physical capabilities but also from inner strength as well. “Care is a state in which something does not matter, it is the source of human tenderness.” -Rollo May, Psychologist- #alp

Pusat Jagaan Warga Tua Maysim Seremban

"Caring has the gift of making the ordinary special." - George R. Bach We, Alpro Physio Seremban visited Pusat Jagaan Warga Emas Maysim, Seremban for the second time today. There are around 20 residents at the nursing care home. They were excited for our visit and welcome us with warm heart. We spent the morning together with some simple warm up exercises and group exercise. Besides, we approached to those who require special attention, encouraging them to stay active and do the exercise everyday. They appreciated our help and look forward to our next visit. #alprophysioseremban2 #getbetterstaybetter #hope #MaysimHomeCare


In conjunction with Women's Day, we are giving complimentary consultation to our Wonder Women for the month of March 2019. Enjoy the Complimentary Physiotherapy consultation (worth RM48) any issues related to bones/ligaments/muscles/soft tissues/pain/nerve and etc on every MONDAY and FRIDAY only for the month of March 2019 at Alpro Physio Seremban 2 and Kuantan. Applicable ONLY for Women AND for new comers. NOT APPLICABLE FOR HOME CARE SERVICE... Our slots are limited. Hence, do not hesitate to contact us at 0136200688/066013388 (Seremban 2) or 0194201923/095131539 (Kuantan)📞☎ for the early bird slots to make an appointment. Thank You Terima Kasih Xie Xie Ni Nandri