What To Do in Treating Burn and Scald

Firecrackers are commonly used during celebrations because of their sound, sparkle and sudden burst of colours, expressing the festive mood. They are commonly used during Hari Raya Aidilfitri by muslim, Chinese New Year by the Chinese and many other festivals all over the world. High incidence of firework-related injuries among children has been reported during festival. What to do in treating burns and scald to your children/sibling/friends if they are having sudden injury of burn? Here is a video on an example of What To Do in Treating Burn and Scald.

Another Visit in Ipoh Old Folks

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” 
-Margaret Mead (American cultural anthropologist)- Alpro Physio Ipoh team felt glad visit the JJ Blessing Care Centre to assist them have an active exercise session in the afternoon of 4th May 2019. We appreciate Miss Rennie Chin and Miss Chriss Loh to give us a chance to help the elderly. “绝不要认为几个有爱心的人不能改变世界,因为事实上,只有几个人曾经做到.” -瑪格麗特·米德(美國人類學家)- 怡保大专物理治疗中心团队很高兴在5月4日下午到互爱安老护理中心协助老人们运动 。我们非常感激互爱安老护理中心的负责人陈小姐和罗小姐给我们帮助机会帮助老人们。 #AlproPhysioIpoh

Pusat Jagaan Orang Tua Kampung Semee !~

Manusia adalah makhluk sosial yang tidak boleh hidup tanpa orang lain. Dengan saling tolong menolong tentu kita akan dapat menjalani kehidupan seharian dengan lebih mudah. Oleh itu, Pihak Alpro Physio berasa sangat berbesar hati kerana dapat menolong dan membantu orang-orang tua yang memerlukan bantuan dari segi senaman yang sihat dan betul untuk bantu mengurangkan sakit dan dapat memberikan senyuman yang manis di wajah mereka. 每一个人,不管处于任何社会阶层或者年龄,都值得拥有健康与笑容。 能够为长者献出心力,是大专物理治疗的职责,也是我们的目标! #GetBetterStayBetter #AlproPhysioForElder

Happy Teacher Days!!!

Happy Teachers' Day! There is no physiotherapist without a teacher! A heartfelt THANK YOU to all the teachers who spend their time, energy, and love to care to educate us! As a return back to the community, our PT Phooi Yee, PT Shiueh Tyng and PT Ee Lin conducted a talk about posture at SRJK Chung Tack Ipoh. Health is Wealth. By inputting health knowledge into our community, Alpro Physio wants everyone to be healthy. 教师节快乐! 没有当年用心教导的老师,就没有今天的物理治疗师! 谢谢每一位老师们奉献自己,以无限爱心、时间和精神来灌溉! 作为回馈社会的其中一项活动,大专的物理治疗师沛怡、雪婷和绮琳在怡宝崇德小学进行了如何保护脊椎及照顾姿势的讲座会,借此提高师长及学生们对于照顾脊椎的健康意识。 老师说,健康就是财富。一个健康的社会,才能更加进步与多元成长!大专物理治疗要和大家一起创造健康社区! #GetBetterStayBetter #APhysioInspiredByTeacher

Ergonomic Day at Nexperia Malaysia, Senawang..

Say ❌ To Pain💪 Work Comfortably😇😇, Work Productively⚖️⚖️ Our team Alpro Physio Seremban 2 Team, PT Malar and PT Jie Ling went for a company talk at Nexperia Malaysia, Senawang on the importance of posture care and some ergonomics techniques for the production workers and also office workers.End with exercise session. Roughly about 40 participants and were responded well.. #getbetterstaybetter #hope #alprophysioseremban2 #workingergonomics