Healthy Teachers, Healthy Students !

Healthy Teachers, Healthy Students ! Looking back on our formative years, who were of the most influential people in our lives? Obviously, parents and family rank at the top, but we might even have a few school teachers on ours list. After all, we spent the majority of our weekdays with them. Many of the core values and lessons we learn through life can be traced back to our educators, what they taught us, and how they treated us. Which is why it’s important for today’s educators to be a leading example for their students on how to be healthy and fit. Realized the important of educators to stay healthy, we Alpro Physio Ipoh conducted health talk regarding back care among teachers at Sekolah

Let’s Keep Active and Healthy !

Let’s Keep Active and Healthy ! For many years, low back pain has been recognized as one of the most common causes of work disability and accounts for a large proportion of worker’s compensation cost. In Malaysia, the prevalence of low back pain was found to be 12%, and it was rated as the 9th and 5th most common complaint in public and private primary health care clinics respectively. Low back pain may present as back pain alone or back pain associated with leg pain (sciatica). Low Back Pain is highest among office workers. Improper posture, being overweight, or sitting in the same position for long periods of time can increase the risk of getting Low Back Pain. Realized the higher incident