Belly fat burning during MRO

Stay Active, Stay Strong & Stay Healthy while Staying at Home! Let's follow our exercises to get SLIM! Intensity and Frequency?! Perform each exercise for 30s, with 10s rest interval #AbdominalShaping #WeightLossChallange 4 sets per day

Anyone and everyone can help!

Anyone and everyone can help! Hundreds of thousands of citizens across Malaysia are risking their lives every second on the front lines to help minimize Covid-19. The lack of face shields exposes these individuals to the virus and increases the possibility of further spreading the virus to others. Police officers, military, volunteering personal, doctors, nurses, hospital staff, screening officials, cleaners and many more heroes are playing their part in making sure the country stays safe. How are we going to do that? Therefore , Alpro team is working tirelessly to produce the face shields and provide it among our local hospitals and communities. It is our duty to return their favour 💪 Than

" Stay safe at your home "

Help us to help you ! Stay at home ! Let's us check your body temperature Don't forget to sanitize your hand " Stay safe at your home " We care for your safety, any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us Seremban 2 (013-6200688) Senawang (019-3713923) Kuantan (019-4201923) Ipoh (019-4763923) #econsultation #physiotherapy #RMODAY5

Tight Jeans Syndrome

📢Do you ever wonder wearing tight jean could be compressing a sensory nerve called the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve that runs from the abdomen through the thigh? 💢The compression can cause numbness, tingling and burning pain in the legs above the knees.💢 ⚠👖Fashionable tight jean + 👠stylish high heels= great combination? ❌ You can make matters worse because more pressure exert on the relavant nerve as the shoes push the pelvis forward. ‼And it’s not just the ladies who are suffering. It is men, such as police officers and construction workers, who wear heavy belts loaded with their work tools. 💪🏻So ladies and gents, dress in style and but less restrictive for your comfort!😁 #senso