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Text Neck Problem

>> Text Neck Problem <<

Text neck is used to describe the pain and damage to the neck sustained from looking down at your cell phone, tablet, or other wireless devices too frequently and for too long. In this modern era, Malaysians even the kids to the elderly with the cell phones with them almost all the time Not all of them know about this, we need to have strong core muscles the abdominal and lower back muscles to support our upper body, including the neck. Our core muscles usually do not get enough exercise during normal daily activities, so you need to do specific exercises to target these muscles. We also need strong and flexible muscles of neck to minimize strain on our cervical spine and help support the weight of your head. Our neck will not get sufficient stretching and strengthening during normal daily activities, so it is best to learn specific neck exercises with the help of a health professional like PHYSIOTHERAPIST.

>> 文本颈部问题 <<

文本脖子是用来描述脖子上的疼痛和损伤,因为过于频繁和长时间低头看着手机,平板电脑或其他无线设备。 在这个现代化的时代,马来西亚几乎每时每刻都会用手机与老人连在一起 不是所有人都知道这一点,我们需要有坚强的核心肌肉腹部和下背部肌肉来支撑我们的上身,包括脖子。我们的核心肌肉通常在正常的日常活动中得不到足够的锻炼,所以您需要针对这些肌肉做特定的锻炼。 我们还需要颈部强壮而灵活的肌肉来减轻颈椎的负担,并有助于支撑头部的重量。 我们的脖子在正常的日常活动中不会得到充分的伸展和加强,所以最好是在健康专业人士(如PHYSIOTHERAPIST)的帮助下学习特定的颈部练习。

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