• Eugene Siow

Community service at House of Megaways, Seremban

Today, our Alpro physiotherapy team (Eugene and Mei Ling) had provided another community service at House of Megaways, Seremban.

House of Megaways is an old folk home which established since 14th February 2003 and currently there are 40 residents staying there. Most of the elderlies are experiencing disability such as unable to stand or walk. According to Mr and Mrs Low (person in charge), there are physiotherapy service provided by government hospital once a month. However, the service interval provided is not sufficient to achieve better improvement. Alpro Physiotherapists are glad to deliver a holistic physiotherapy service to the elderlies. Some functional and balance exercises was given to them according to their needs. Besides that, psychosocial part was provided too to optimize their quality of life. As what we always emphasis “Holds On, Pain Ends”

We always keep in touch with the local community, understanding their needs and contribute back to the society.


美嘉微关怀中心是于2003年2月14日以来成立的养老院,目前据有40名老人家居住。大部分的老人都无法站立或行走。根据刘院长(负责人)透露,每个月政府医院都会提供一次物理治疗服务。但是,提供的服务次数不足以帮助老人们达到最佳的进度。 大专物理治疗师都非常荣幸能够为老年人提供全面的物理治疗服务。我们根据他们的需要给予一些日常活动功能和平衡的练习。除此之外,还提供心理上的鼓励来优化他们的生活质量。正如我们一直强调的“坚持,痛苦将结束”