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A Day at The True House of Victory

Today, our Alpro Physiotherapy team (Eugene and Hui Ling) had visited True House of Victory as our third community service. As usual, our physiotherapist’s had given a simple talk regarding “The importance of exercise among elderlies” and conducted some simple exercises for them to perform it as daily regime to enhance their quality of life.

True House of Victory is an old folk’s home established by Mr. Philip Mok Sew Kwong on March 2014. Currently, there are about 19 residents in the old folk’s home. And most of them are able to perform their daily activities but lack of functional performance.

After visited few old folks home around Seremban, we actually realized that the demand of physiotherapy services is high among elderlies. However, there is still lack of awareness on the importance of physiotherapy services which need to be implemented among our communities.