Beauty is Pain: Effects of Wearing High Heels

Every girl has heard the term “beauty is pain”. One of the most damaging things that you can do to your body is wearing high heeled shoes. One of the worst things that your high heeled pumps can do to your body is to ruin your posture. When you wear high heels, the curvature of the shoes places your heels unnaturally above your toes and throws off your entire body alignment. Your hips, your spine, your neck and shoulders are all being moved unnaturally and over long wear, can cause low back pain as well as leg and heel pain. The higher the heel, the more strain and pressure that you are putting on the balls of your feet. The pressure increases about 20% with every inch that the heel increases.

If you really must wear heels, there are some tips can help to reduce the impact of high heel on your posture.

a) Alternate between different shoe types during the day, to lessen some of the stress placed on the lower limbs.

b) A heel height of two inches or less should help in avoiding many of the injuries associated with increased pressure on the ball of the feet and toes.

If you’re finding yourself in pain after wearing heels, seek the help of a trusted healthcare professional do not let it go untreated or it could very well get worse.

每个女孩应该都知道美丽是需要付出代价的。很多女孩为了让身材比例看起来更完美都会选择穿高跟鞋。然而高跟鞋却能对身体姿势带来非常不好的影响。当你穿高跟鞋时,鞋跟的高度会使你的脚后跟不自然地位于脚趾之上。你的臀部,脊椎,脖子和肩膀都将处于一个不自然位置,长时间下来将会造成身体关节和肌肉的磨损并可能会引起腰部,腿部和脚后跟疼痛。高跟鞋越高,脚跟的压力就越大。有研究显示, 鞋跟的高度每增加1英寸,脚后跟的压力会随之增加20%。