• Eugene Siow

Occupational Health Talk at IJM S2 branch

It is our honour to be able to organise a talk regarding Occupational Health in IJM Seremban 2 branch. Our physiotherapists had presented and delivered the importance of occupational health to enhance the awareness among the employee. Some basic yet effective exercises were taught to all the audiences. Furthermore, we also clarify their doubts regarding posture during working and some ideas about ergonomic work place to reduce the chance of getting work-related musculoskeletal disorder.

我們非常榮幸有機會在IJM Seremban 2的分行舉辦职业健康講座會以提高大眾對職業健康的意識。 我們的物理治療師為大家講解了職業健康對於員工的重要性。治療師也教導員工們一些簡單而實用的運動來減少職業傷害。此外,治療師們也針對員工們提出对於职业健康的疑問給予解答並分享了一些如何運用辦公室人體工效學來减少获得職業傷害的機會。