• Nurul Shafiqah

H.O.P.E Hold On Pain Ends to Elderly

H.O.P.E Hold On Pain Ends to Elderly

ALPRO PHYSIO once again conducted another community service by our Physiotherapists Eugene and Shafiqah to Red Spot Home Care, Bukit Rasah Seremban . This elderly home was established by Mr Abd Rahman since 2015. Currently there are 7residents, 6 females and 1 male. This home has taken care of over 44 elderlies since it was established. So far, there are no Physiotherapy services provided to the residents. However, the staff nurses who are working there will do some simple exercises with the residents. Most of the residents are retiree, elderly, stroke individuals and some even with congenital deficit. As usual we started the program by gathering them and commenced the session with some simple mobility exercises. They really enjoyed the precious time together and were cooperative throughout the session. Mr Abdul Rahman, who is doing some voluntary work there, requested us to come back whenever possible to have some time with the residents. We ended up the session with a group photo and warm smile.

至老人的话: H.O.P.E Hold On Pain Ends

大专物理治疗师 Eugene 与 Shafiqah 到了芙蓉 RED SPOT HOME CARE 进行社工服务。此安老院是由by Mr Abd Rahman 于 2015 一手建立。目前居住的老人们一共7民;一路过来一共照顾了44民老人。 此老人院至今却未有任何物理治疗服务,庆幸的是在此工作的护士们平时会带领老人们一些简单的运动。

当天早上的活动包括了一些促进关节灵活度的运动及游戏。大家非常积极配合,都愉悦在其中。对于这次的活动Mr Abd Rahman非常满意,并希望我们能再次拜访大家。