• Eugene Siow

Do not ignore your back pain, it may harm your life style!!!

Do you experience back pain or ever heard of Prolapse inter- vertebral disc (PID)? PID or in another term which is herniated disc is one of the most common condition caused low back pain with referred pain and numbness on the limb. Usually prolapse disc does not become noticeable until the symptoms occurs.

Very often we can see people with repetitive improper movement, heavy lifting or prolong sitting in the office are the victims for this condition. This happened when improper movement of spine which put stress on the disc. Eventually the gel-like inner nucleus is protruded out or seeps through a weakened region of outer disc and press against the nerve root. When the disc is protruded, symptoms such as numbness, radiating pain, weakness and etc may arise and it might disturb your work or your sleep too. Seems to be scary? No worries and you have physiotherapy “covered your back”.

Physiotherapy can actually relieve your pain and numbness by educate and tailored a specific exercise which will release the disc compression on your nerve. Furthermore, strengthening exercise especially the core and back muscle is a must!!! Only with that, they can stabilise and support your spine/ maintain it in neutral position to reduce the pressure to minimal on your spine. If you are experience the symptoms above mentioned, please seek for medical attention and get an early treatment ASAP. Alpro Physio are keen to help out as everyone deserve a better and healthier life. #GetBetterStayBetter #H.O.P.E

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