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I'm A Fabulous Woman

In conjunction with Women's Month (March), Alpro Physio had took part in the event organised by Alpro Pharmacy "I'm a Fabulous Woman" which was held on the 31st of March 2019.

We set up a booth which was managed by 2 of our Physiotherapists - Ms Malarvely d/o Kannan and Ms Tan Chiaw Wen. At the booth, participants were able to make inquiries regarding physiotherapy and healthcare issues. Complimentary Consultation vouchers and informational pamphlets were given out as the participants registered themselves at the booth.

Our speaker, Ms Malarvely d/o Kannan had given speech onstage to spread the awareness about how to take care of your spine. Few simple yet effective exercises were conducted through demonstration by Ms Tan Chiaw Wen to enhance the audience's understanding.

It was a good exposure to everyone who had attended the event as it provides a platform for gaining more on healthcare awareness.

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