• Bathma Surian

One Stop Seri Damai Community Service

The Alpro Physio Kuantan conducted another com

munity service in the One Stop Nursing Home Kuantan on 26/3/2019. There are about 15 residents in the center and they are taking care by the nurse. The residents are treated well with nursing care and physiotherapy services. Warm welcome given by the organizer and Physiotherapist As usual we began with the introduction and ice breaking following by the therapy sessions. We have integrated some musics and task performance for them to make it different from their normal routine of physiotherapy sessions. They were very happy to involve in our physiotherapy sessions. At the end of the session, they greeted us happily and welcomed us wholeheartedly for the future physiotherapy group session.

‘Love, care and treasure the elderly in the society’ Lailah Gifty Akita

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