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MoU signing between Alpro Physio and MAHSA University

MAHSA University and ALPRO PHYSIO, under the auspices of Assoc. Prof. Chan Sook Chin (MAHSA) and the presence of witness Miss Stella Lau Kah Wai, Mr. Chong Lai Wai, Miss Lim En Ni, Miss Lau Phooi Yee, and Miss Chua Ee Lin (ALRPO) signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on 24th March 2019.

The seal of collaboration between both parties were signed by PROF. DATO DR Ishak Bin Abdul Razak (MAHSA) and Director Wong Ching Yaw (ALPRO PHYSIO). This marks a step forward in creating a platform for exposure to support the clinical and training program among MAHSA physiotherapy student through engagement with real life service. ALPRO PHYSIO being a private centre, we hope to provide the students with a brand new experience which is different from the traditional way of posting at hospitals by creating professional development in addition to yield the quality of the life of the community.

MAHSA大学与大专物理治疗中心在Assoc. Prof. Chan Sook Chin (MAHSA)以及Miss Stella Lau Kah Wa, Mr. Chong Lai Wai, Miss Lim En Ni, Miss Lau Phooi Yee, 和 Miss Chua Ee Lin (ALRPO) 的主持与见证下于2019年4月24日签署了协议。

双方的合作印由PROF. DATO DR Ishak Bin Abdul Razak (MAHSA) 以及Director Wong Ching Yaw (ALPRO PHYSIO) 签署。这一协议将提供MAHSA大学的物理治疗系学生一个更容易接触社会的平台。大专物理治疗中心是一所私立物理治疗中心,我们希望提供MAHSA大学的学生一个与众不同的实习经验,除了提升社区健康与生活品质外,还可以促进专业发展。