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Diabetes is one of the health problems known as a silent killer!!!

Diabetes is one of the health problems known as a "silent killer".

Hard as it is to resist traditional Malay fare like lemang, rendang, ketupat and lontong, it is best not to overindulge because our body would not take kindly to it.

Although we celebrate Hari Raya with an array of colorful delicacies that come in various flavors, it’s not the ticket to brush aside healthy eating habits.

Indeed, it’s part of our tradition to prepare and serve a variety of food during Hari Raya but it is up to us to choose to eat wisely and practice healthy eating at all times to safeguard our health.

Studies of people with diabetes show that good blood sugar control helps them to keep healthy and feel good. Your target blood glucose levels should be (Fasting - 4.0 to 6.0 mmol/l) and (After food - less than 8.0 mmol/l).

Sugary foods and refined carbohydrate foods have very high sugar content. They change into glucose too fast for your insulin to work efficiently. As example sweets, chocolates, jellies, sweetened desserts, puddings, carbonated (soft) drinks, cakes, sweet biscuits, local kuih that contain flour, sugar, santan (such as kuih lapis, kuih koci, pulut inti, seri muka, kuih bingka, kuih kaswi, kuih bakar, onde-onde).

Therefore, in order to maintain good health, the need to observe healthy diets and eating habits has to be emphasized.

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