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Grab the Golden Period of Stroke to save yourself or your love one!

1. Golden period to hospital

The identification of stroke is simplified by the American Heart Association (AHA) by a powerful four-letter word FAST:

F – Facial Dropping

A-Arm Weakness

S –Speech Difficulty

T – Timely Reach Hospital (within 4.5 hours of onset of symptoms)

Time lost is brain lost! If this treatment had been delayed for even one more hour, he would have developed a complete stroke and permanent disability. To prevent a long-term disability, DO NOT WASTE ANYTIME. Remember, the earlier the better!

2. Golden Period for Post Stroke Rehabilitation

Golden period for post stroke rehabilitation is within 3 months under integrated approach includes physiotherapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy. Timely and effective post-stroke rehabilitation significantly helps patients to regain independence and improving quality of life by promote early mobilization and relearning the skills that are lost on part of the brain that is damaged.

Getting early consistent rehabilitation treatment within golden period can prevent complication like recurrent stroke, bed sores, aspirations, spasticity and infections. Hence, rehabilitation must begin as soon as possible to get maximum brain recovery.


For your information:

1. The recurrent rates are 4% in the first month and 12% in the first year. Thereafter the risk falls to about 4-5% per year, so that by 5 years, 30% will have suffered a recurrent stroke.

2. The core disciplines of the stroke team are :

§ medical (neurologist, geriatrician, rehabilitation physicians)

§ pharmacist

§ nursing

§ Physiotherapy

§ occupational therapy

§ and speech therapy

§ dietitian

§ social worker